Pool Maintenance

pool maintance Fethiye

pool maintance Fethiye


Did you know that the chlorine used unconsciously maybe turn carcinogens?

Our pool services are carried out by a tranied chemical engineer who is an expert in all areas of pool maintenance. By carefully analysing the pool water and applying the correct chemicals. We will ensure you pool is always chemicaly balanced.

We also offer non chlorine or non chemical system which is better for you, your family and the environment.

We can do for you yearly or for seasonn maintenance.

We ensure that the management of your pool will consist of the following checks:

Test the pH and Chlorine

Test Hardness & Alkalinity

Add Chemicals when required

Pool Filters & strainers check & clean

Vacuum and clean the pool

Check and top up water levels

Check pumps and lights

A Denge Pool is crystal clear and balanced.