The choice of materials in terms of hygiene and maintenance of the pool is quite effective. The most important ingredients for pool maintenance are; Pool circulation pump, filter, electric panel, lighting trafus and pool chemicals. In terms of water being clean and hygienic, daily water circulation pump is a pool material that should not […]

Saci Swimming Pool Pumps

Applications : Electrical self priming pump for pools with large pre-filter, which, together with its excellent hydraulic performance, gives a very large filtering capacity. A filter with a transparent, polycarbonate lid that easily allows inspection of the interior of the pre-filter sieve. No possible electrical contact with the water as no part of the motor […]


The Secret to AQUAPower® is in the Science of Water Flow. AQUAPower’s patented design uses Bernoulli’s principle to naturally boost suction, which keeps your pool cleaner and helps you save on energy 1AQUAPower® boosts the suction of water into the skimmer, dramatically improving filtration Traditional Weir Doors lose suction and energy as the pool water […]

Swimming Pool and Children’s Safety

  The following information is taken from the report of the NFC US national security council. Every year across America 7,000 people in it is lost on the water drowned. Drowning, in children under 5 years of age, cause of death and injury is first. Drowning, in children under the age of 15 causes of […]