denge pool in Fethiye


The choice of materials in terms of hygiene and maintenance of the pool is quite effective. The most important ingredients for pool maintenance are; Pool circulation pump, filter, electric panel, lighting trafus and pool chemicals.

In terms of water being clean and hygienic, daily water circulation pump is a pool material that should not be neglected. The pool filter, which we will place in the pool equipments, serves to clean solid dirt and grease in the water. You should take care to ensure that the electrical panel to be used is at least ip65 class so that it can work in humid and hot environments. You should absolutely use the leakage current relay on the main power line inside the panel. This is very important for your safety.


Pool chemicals used in pool maintenance are very important. When choosing a pool chemical, it is not enough to have only the approval of the Ministry of Health because false products can be used. You should be careful that there are reliable, expert places to buy your chemicals.